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Vibrations in Physical Systems Vol.27 (2016)

Editors: Czesław CEMPEL, Marian W. DOBRY, Tomasz STREK
Publishing date:  May 2016 (printed)
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  1. Structural damage detection using non-classical vibro-acoustic approaches Kajetan DZIEDZIECH, Łukasz PIECZONKA, Phong Ba DAO, Andrzej KLEPKA, Tadeusz UHL, Wiesław J. STASZEWSKI
  2. Selected aspects of the experimental methods of impact biomechanics, Cezary RZYMKOWSKI
  3. Modelling and numerical simulation of parametric resonance phenomenon in vibrating screen, Łukasz BĄK, Stanisław NOGA, Feliks STACHOWICZ
  4. Effect of exciting force amplitude on occurrence of para-metric resonance phenomenon in vibrating screen, Łukasz BĄK, Feliks STACHOWICZ, Stanisław NOGA, Andrzej SKRZAT
  5. Impact absorption system based on mre with halbach array, Mirosław BOCIAN, Jerzy KALETA, Daniel LEWANDOWSKI, Michał PRZYBYLSKI
  6. Vibration condition monitoring of the vertical steel tanks, Nadiia BOURAOU, Olga LUKIANCHENKO, Sergiy TSYBULNIK, Dmytro SHEVCHUK
  7. Improvement of the vibration diagnostics of rotation shaft damage, Nadiia BOURAOU, Oleksii PAVLOVSKYI, Olha PAZDRII
  8. Computer modelling of roadheader’s body vibration generated by the working process, Piotr CHELUSZKA, Jacek GAWLIK
  9. Influence of torsional-bending coupling on transverse vibration of piston engine, Zbigniew DĄBROWSKI, Bogumił CHILIŃSKI
  10. Energy analysis of a mechanical system with a dynamic vibration absorber, Marian W. DOBRY
  11. Differences in power distribution in subsystems of human – anti-vibration glove – tool system, Marian W. DOBRY, Tomasz HERMANN
  12. An analytical-numerical approach to analysis of large amplitude vibrations of slender periodic beams, Łukasz DOMAGALSKI
  13. Estimation of the contact forces between the hexapod legs and the ground during walking in the tripod gait, Dariusz GRZELCZYK, Bartosz STAŃCZYK, Jan AWREJCEWICZ
  14. Power distribution in anti-vibration gloves, Tomasz HERMANN, Marian W. DOBRY
  15. Computational modelling of vibrations transmission loss of auxetic lattice structure, Eligiusz IDCZAK, Tomasz STRĘK
  16. Determination of acoustic parameters of devices with extensive sound sources, Bartosz JAKUBEK, Roman BARCZEWSKI
  17. Comparison of vibration impact of an impact drill on the human body under different working conditions, Bartosz JAKUBEK, Wojciech RUKAT
  18. A new tool for topological optimization of a rotor for vertical axis wind turbines, Mateusz JAKUBOWSKI, Paweł FRITZKOWSKI
  19. On the violin bridge hill – comparison of experimental testing and fem, Erik V. JANSSON, Roman BARCZEWSKI, Andrzej KABAŁA
  20. Implementation of ffowcs Williams and Hawkings aeroacoustic analogy in openfoam, Konrad JAROSZ, Ireneusz CZAJKA, Andrzej GOŁAŚ
  21. Free vibrations of medium thickness microstructured plates, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK
  22. Vibrations of non-periodic thermoelastic laminates, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK, Ewelina PAZERA
  23. Higher order vibrations of thin periodic plate bands with various boundary conditions, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK, Piotr WYRWA
  24. An analysis of the self-excited torsional vibrations of the electromechanical drive system, Robert KONOWROCKI, Tomasz SZOLC
  25. Regular and chaotic dynamics of a 4-dof mechanical system with dry friction, Angelika KOSIŃSKA, Jan AWREJCEWICZ, Dariusz GRZELCZYK
  26. Non-linear vibrations of a non-uniform beam with symmetrically located piezoelectric patches, Krzysztof KULIŃSKI, Jacek PRZYBYLSKI
  27. Numerical modelling of sound transmission through the window type partition, Leszek KWAPISZ, Artur MAURIN, Piotr JAKUBOWSKI
  28. Approximate method for determination of dynamic characteristics of structures with viscoelastic dampers, Roman LEWANDOWSKI
  29. Influence of additional loads on chosen gait parameters and muscles activity, Michał LUDWICKI, Bartłomiej ZAGRODNY, Wiktoria WOJNICZ, Jerzy MROZOWSKI, Jan AWREJCEWICZ
  30. Numerical analysis of pressure drop and acoustic attenuation performance of two helicoidal resonators arranged in parallel ducts with different rotation angles, Wojciech ŁAPKA
  31. Application of the continuous dynamic absorbers in local and global vibration reduction problems in beams, Waldemar ŁATAS
  32. Natural frequencies of layered elongated cylindrical panels for geometrically nonlinear deformation at discrete consideration of components, Mykhailo MARCHUK, Taras GORIACHKO, Vira PAKOSH
  33. Vibrations of periodic sandwich plates with inert core, Jakub MARCZAK, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK
  34. A semi-active control of lateral vibrations of the overhung rotor using dampers with the magneto-rheological fluid, Maciej MICHAJŁOW, Robert KONOWROCKI, Tomasz SZOLC
  35. Influences of system parameters on energy harvesting from autoparametric absorber. Numerical research, Andrzej MITURA, Krzysztof KECIK
  36. Influences of system parameters on energy harvesting from autoparametric absorber. Experimental research, Andrzej MITURA, Krzysztof KECIK
  37. Experimental validation of the 3d dynamic unicycle-unicyclist model, Michał NIEŁACZNY, Wiesław BARNAT
  38. The analysis of the impact of different shape functions in tolerance modeling on natural vibrations of the rectangular plate with dense system of the ribs in two directions, Martyna RABENDA
  39. The dynamics of a coupled mechanical system with spherical pendulum, Danuta SADO, Jan FREUNDLICH, Anna DUDANOWICZ
  40. Transverse and longitudinal damped vibrations of hydraulic cylinder in a mining prop, Wojciech SOCHACKI, Marta BOLD
  41. Load by a force directed towards a positive pole in the aspect of studies on vibrations of a column with crack, Krzysztof SOKÓŁ, Sebastian UZNY
  42. Vibration of the oscillator exchanging mass with surrounding, Roman STAROSTA, Grażyna SYPNIEWSKA-KAMIŃSKA, Jan AWREJCEWICZ
  43. Effect of the sleeve profile on the stability of rotor operating in multilobe journal bearings, Stanisław STRZELECKI
  44. Timber-frame house resistant to dynamic loads – analysis of wall panel filled with polyurethane foam, Marcin SZCZEPAŃSKI, Wojciech MIGDA, Robert JANKOWSKI
  45. Free vibrations of geometrically nonlinear column locally resting on the winkler elastic foundation under the specific load, Janusz SZMIDLA, Ilona CIEŚLIŃSKA-GĄSIOR
  46. Free vibrations of non-prismatic slender system subjected to the follower force directed towards the positive pole, Janusz SZMIDLA, Anna JURCZYŃSKA
  47. A study on natural frequencies of timoshenko beam with rapidly varying stiffness, Michał ŚWIĄTEK, Łukasz DOMAGALSKI, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK
  48. Influence of substructure properties on natural vibrations of periodic euler-bernoulli beams, Marcin ŚWIĄTEK, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK, Łukasz DOMAGALSKI
  49. Analysis of vibration transmission in an air-operated demolition hammer, Maciej TABASZEWSKI, Małgorzata WOJSZNIS
  50. Dynamics analysis of a truck-mounted crane with the lugre friction model in the joints, Andrzej URBAŚ, Grzegorz STANCLIK, Jacek KŁOSIŃSKI, Andrzej HARLECKI
  51. Free vibrations of the partially tensioned geometrically non-linear system subjected to euler’s load, Sebastian UZNY, Krzysztof SOKÓŁ, Michał OSADNIK