Vibrations in Physical Systems

Vibrations in Physical Systems (ISSN 0860-6897) is an open access journal dedicated to the distribution of reviewed publications on vibration science and engineering.
All articles are distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license (

Scope of Journal

  • Mathematical Modeling in Sound and Vibration Analysis,
  • Experimental Techniques in Sound and Vibration Engineering,
  • Wave Problems in Solid Mechanics,
  • Analysis of the Non-Linear Deterministic / Stochastic Vibrations Phenomena,
  • Computational Methods in Vibration Problems,
  • Modeling and Identification of Dynamical Systems,
  • Signal Processing and Analysis,
  • Active Vibration Control,
  • Energy Methods in Vibration Engineering,
  • Vibration and Energy Problems Related to Biomechanics,
  • Dynamics of Machinery and Rotating Systems,
  • Vibroacoustics of Machinery, Diagnostics,
  • Vibrations and Noise of Transport Systems, Vehicles, Roads,
  • Structural Dynamics, Vibrations of Composite Materials Structures,
  • Vibration Problems in Environmental Engineering, Vibration of Granular Materials,
  • Vibrations and Dynamic Stability of Structural Elements, Beams, Plates, Shells,
  • Flow-induced vibrations, Fluid-structure interaction, Aeroelasticity,
  • Dynamic behavior of Vibration Isolation Elements and Systems

“Vibrations in Physical Systems” Journal

The reviewed papers will be published in printed and on-line volume of Journal of Vibrations in Physical Systems. This journal has been indexed in list of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Eductaion.

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Printed version

The electronic version of articles are available online free of charge.
The printed version of selected volume is prepared on request.
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