Vibrations in Physical Systems, vol. 26 (2014)


Vibrations in Physical Systems Vol.26 (2014)

Editors: Czesław CEMPEL, Marian W. DOBRY, Tomasz STREK
Publishing date: April 2014 (on-line), May 2014 (printed)
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  1. Conversion Excitation of Intense Sound Fields in Crystals Vladimir ALSHITS, Dmitrii BESSONOV, Vasilii LYUBIMOV
  2. Uncertainty in Vibroacoustic Investigations – Research Challenges, Wojciech BATKO
  3. Nonlinear Surface Elastic Waves in Materials, Jeremiah RUSHCHITSKY
  4. Thermoelastic Wheel-Rail Contact Problem, Andrzej CHUDZIKIEWICZ, Andrzej MYŚLIŃSKI
  5. A Comparison of Human Physical Models Used in the ISO 10068:2012 Standard Based on Power Distribution PART 1, Marian Witalis DOBRY, Tomasz HERMANN
  6. A Comparison of Human Physical Models Used in the ISO 10068:2012 Standard Based on Power Distribution PART 2, Marian Witalis DOBRY, Tomasz HERMANN
  7. Numerical Tests of Roadheader’s Boom Vibrations, Marian DOLIPSKI, Piotr CHELUSZKA, Piotr SOBOTA
  8. Nonlinear Vibrations of Periodic Beams , Łukasz DOMAGALSKI, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK
  9. Analysis of the Electromyographic Signal
    During Rehabilitation Exercises of the Knee Joint
    , Jakub Krzysztof, Sylwia KAZIMIERCZUK, Tomasz WALCZAK
  10. The Modelling Method of Discrete-Continuous Systems, Rafał HEIN
  11. Free Vibrations of Thin Microstructured Plates, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK, Ewelina PAZERA
  12. Vibrations of Thin Functionally Graded Plates
    with Tolerance-Periodic Microstructure
  13. Fluctuations of Multi-section Aboveground Pipeline Region Under the Influence of Moving Diagnostic Piston, Lidiya KHARCHENKO, Yevhen KHARCHENKO
  14. Free Vibration of Structures by Radial Basis Function – Pseudospectral Method, Artur KROWIAK
  15. Transmission Loss and Pressure Drop of Selected Range
    of Helicoidal Resonators
    , Wojciech ŁAPKA
  16. Design Sensitivity Analysis of Frequency Response Functions and Steady-state Response for Structures with Viscoelastic Dampers, Magdalena ŁASECKA-PLURA, Roman LEWANDOWSKI
  17. Distributed Dynamic Vibration Absorber in Beam, Waldemar ŁATAS
  18. Multiple Tuned Tunable Translational-rotational Vibration Absorbers in Beam, Waldemar ŁATAS
  19. Geometrically Nonlinear Free Transversal Vibrations of Thin-Walled Elongated Panels with Arbitrary Generatrix, Mykhailo MARCHUK, Taras GORIACHKO, Vira PAKOSH
  20. Analysis of Vibrations of Plate Strip with Concentrated Masses Using Tolerance Averaging Technique, Jakub MARCZAK, Jarosław JĘDRYSIAK
  21. Model Based Local Fault Detection in Helical Gears , Jędrzej MĄCZAK, Juliusz GRABSKI
  22. Dynamics of cellular rotor of asynchronous motor
    with deformable stator
    , Waldemar MORZUCH
  23. Influence of the Damping in the Sandwich Bar
    on the Dynamic Stability
    , Waldemar MORZUCH
  24. Novel Method of Physical Modes Generation
    for Reduced Order Flow Control-Oriented Models
  25. 3D Dynamic Model of the Unicycle – Unicyclist System, Michał NIEŁACZNY, Jarosław STRZAŁKO
  26. Finite Element Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Thermally Optimal Two-phase Composite Structure , Maria NIENARTOWICZ, Tomasz STRĘK
  27. Transverse Vibration Analysis of a Compound Plate
    with Using Cyclic Symmetry Modeling
    , Stanisław NOGA
  28. Vibration Analysis of a Thick Ring Interacting with the Disk Treated as an Elastic Foundation, Stanisław NOGA, Tadeusz MARKOWSKI
  29. Modal Analysis of Viscous Flow and Reduced Order Models, Michał NOWAK, Witold STANKIEWICZ, Marek MORZYŃSKI
  30. On-board vibration diagnostics of shaft damage
    of the aviation engine
    , Oleksii PAVLOVSKYI, Nadiia BOURAOU
  31. Signals Representation on Energetic Plane Based on Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator, Stanisław RADKOWSKI, Adam GAŁĘZIA
  32. Extended Models of Sedimentation in Coastal Zone , Igor SELEZOV
  33. Damped Vibration of a Non-prismatic Beam
    with a Rotational Spring
    , Wojciech SOCHACKI, Marta BOLD
  34. The Influence of Internal and Constructional Supports Damping on the Γ-type Frame Vibrations, Wojciech SOCHACKI, Piotr ROSIKOŃ, Sandra TOPCZEWSKA
  35. Nonlinear Vibrations of Rotating System Near Resonance, Roman STAROSTA, Grażyna SYPNIEWSKA-KAMIŃSKA
  36. Effect of Pad Offset on the Stability of Jeffcott Rotor Operating in Tilting 4-Pad Journal Bearings, Stanislaw STRZELECKI, Zdzisław SOCHA, Zygmunt TOWAREK, Sergiusz ZAKRZEWSKI
  37. Acoustic Investigations of the Contemporary Churches in Poznań, Anna SYGULSKA
  38. Impact of Pre-Stress on Stability and Vibration of Geometric Nonlinear Column at a Load Force Directed to the Positive Pole, Janusz SZMIDLA, Ilona CIEŚLIŃSKA-GĄSIOR
  39. The Vibrations and the Stability of a Flat Frame Type Γ Realizing the Euler’s Load Taking Into Account the Vulnerability of the Structural Node Connecting the Pole and the Bolt of the System, Janusz SZMIDLA, Justyna WIKTOROWICZ
  40. An Application of Longitudinal Elastic Waves for Investigation of Materials Under High Strain Rates Using the Hopkinson Bar, Tomasz SZOLC, Zbigniew L. KOWALEWSKI
  41. Free Vibrations of Column Built Out Pipe and Rod
    with Two-Parametric Elastic Connector
    , Sebastian UZNY
  42. Free Vibrations of Column Subjected to Euler’s Load with Consideration of Timoshenko’s Theory, Sebastian UZNY, Krzysztof SOKÓŁ
  43. Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise of a Wind Turbine , Malgorzata WOJSZNIS, Jacek SZULCZYK
  44. Deployment of Long-measured Flexible Structure in Orbit, Alexandr E. ZAKRZHEVSKY
  45. Research of Work of a Rotor Crush Machine on Elastic Foundation with the Use of Graphs, Roman ZINKO